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  vector.sale  - 6 days ago

We added new function on VECTOR.SALE website that allows to edit, customize and print invitation templates. Now Edit and Print green button is displayed on each vector page. By clicking on it our store on Zazzle.com is opened https://www.zazzle.com/vectorsale?rf=238403474995175539. Not all designs and vectors are now available but we can upload them by a request.

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  vector.sale  - 4 weeks ago

Look at this clear and light wedding invitation with anemone flowers https://goo.gl/9D9FMy Browse similar vector cards in the Anemone wedding invitation gallery https://www.vector.sale/category/anemone-wedding-invitation.html

  vector.sale  - 4 weeks ago

Browse this peach orange chrysanthemum asters peony sunflower autumn wedding invitation that is available for download as vector file https://goo.gl/WEg9mk This template is fully customizable, as all others on VECTOR.SALE

  vector.sale  - 3 months ago

A huge collection of wedding invitations with peones has been added to the store. Vectors templates include peony flowers in different colors including pink, purple, yellow, blue and others. Amazing flowers that looks really realistic with beautiful captions. Find this and many others in Peony gallery https://goo.gl/e3BR1Z

  vector.sale  - 3 months ago

There were issues with payment via PayPal system on vector.sale store. Now they all have been fixed and vector images can be purchased using popular PayPal method.

In addition we also added functionality to place orders via credit cards (CC) directly on our website. To support and secure this the website has been moved to SSL protocol so all URLs now start with in https:// their address. Processing cards are also handled by PayPal.

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  vector.sale  - 4 months ago

The amount of uploaded vectors has reached 20 thousands of images, and they all available for download and purchase! Browse recent uploaded images by sorting stock by date or by going to a proper gallery at http://www.vector.sale/members/categories.php

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  vector.sale  - 4 months ago

Meet our new contributor, it is Mariya Leonenko that creates various greeting cards, patters and wedding invitation templates. Browse her vector portfolio at https://goo.gl/AgZmxM

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  vector.sale  - 5 months ago

The home page of www.vector.sale website has been updated and new images in spring there are shown in slides instead of winter images. Enjoy!

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  vector.sale  - 5 months ago

Today, March 17, is Saint Patrick Day! We have several card designs in vector format for this celebration. Find and choose your own using this search query http://www.vector.sale/index.php?search=patrick

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  vector.sale  - 5 months ago

The number of vector templates on www.vector.sale store has exceed 16 thousands. The vector designs are available in more than 50 galleries which include various themes including wedding invitations, bridal showers, flower templates, Christmas and New Year, Black Friday and sale promotional images and many more. Browse the galleries at http://www.vector.sale/members/categories.php

Look at the one from last uploaded vectors http://www.vector.sale/stock-vector/magnolia-bridal-shower-vector-flower-wedding-invitationfloral-background-24215.html

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  vector.sale  - 6 months ago

8 March is an International Women's Day that is popular in Russia and in some Europe countries. We prepared several vector designs of the congratulation cards that you can find at http://www.vector.sale/category/womens-day-march-8.html

  vector.sale  - 6 months ago

We are proud to represent a new illistrator whose vector designs are also available on VECTOR.SALE store. This is Lyubov Lomonos also known as an author on Shutterstock illustration stock. This author is specialized in creating floral wedding invitations, bridal and baby showers, invititations for Christmas and Birthday parties. There are few hundreds vector templates already available in author's portfolio at https://goo.gl/vYy4dz and new designs are added regularly.

  vector.sale  - 6 months ago

New vector templates of colorful floral invitations have been added to store at www.vector.sale There are different invitations for wedding ceremony, bridal and baby shower events like this one http://www.vector.sale/stock-vector/floral-rose-baby-shower-invitations-22348.html Find more at http://www.vector.sale/index.php?vd=date

  vector.sale  - 7 months ago

February 14 is comming and we prepared wonderful St.Valentine cards for your heart friend. Only exclusive and unique vector templates and invitation cards for St.Valentine's Day. Browse and download today from http://www.vector.sale/category/st-valentines-day-invitation-card.html gallery like this one http://www.vector.sale/stock-vector/valentines-day-romantic-vector-background-soft-red-hearts-candy-balloon-in-snow-22250.html

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