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Date: 04/24/2017
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  vector.sale  - One year ago

There are more than 40 thousands of wedding invitations, save the date cards and other templates available. Among of them you can find fully customizable sets that include wedding and save the date invitation, table and thank you cards within menus.

Since new designs and templates are added daily the most easiest way to find newly added sets is to sort the gallery by date https://www.vector.sale/index.php?category=custom-invitations&vd=date Look at this rich set within deep dark blue background within red and yellow flowers.

  vector.sale  - 09/05/2018

It is the time to go to VECTOR.SALE because huge 50% discount is available for ALL vector templates. Find your own wedding invitation, save the date, RSVP and any other greeting template and purchase it for only $2.50 instead of $5.00! This is our offer for Autumn sale!

The same 50% off is available for extended licenses for all images. Vectors with extended license can be now purchased for just $50 US! Visit https://www.vector.sale/index.php?svector=1 for downloads.

  vector.sale  - 07/24/2018

Look at this clear and light wedding invitation with anemone flowers https://goo.gl/9D9FMy Browse similar vector cards in the Anemone wedding invitation gallery https://www.vector.sale/category/anemone-wedding-invitation.html

  vector.sale  - 07/21/2018

Browse this peach orange chrysanthemum asters peony sunflower autumn wedding invitation that is available for download as vector file https://goo.gl/WEg9mk This template is fully customizable, as all others on VECTOR.SALE

  vector.sale  - 06/05/2018

A huge collection of wedding invitations with peones has been added to the store. Vectors templates include peony flowers in different colors including pink, purple, yellow, blue and others. Amazing flowers that looks really realistic with beautiful captions. Find this and many others in Peony gallery https://goo.gl/e3BR1Z

  vector.sale  - 03/11/2018

The number of vector templates on www.vector.sale store has exceed 16 thousands. The vector designs are available in more than 50 galleries which include various themes including wedding invitations, bridal showers, flower templates, Christmas and New Year, Black Friday and sale promotional images and many more. Browse the galleries at http://www.vector.sale/members/categories.php

Look at the one from last uploaded vectors http://www.vector.sale/stock-vector/magnolia-bridal-shower-vector-flower-wedding-invitationfloral-background-24215.html

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