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A popular color for weddings in 2021 is the emerald green monstera leaf.
He personifies the wisdom of the ancestors, which is designed to streamline the future life of the newlyweds.
Monstera is an incredibly beautiful flower and unpretentious, which will make the wedding look tropically unusual. Large leaves are great and easy to use in a cane decoration. This decor will suit those who are tired of classic roses.
Strong huge leaves are suitable for decorating the arch, where the main wedding ceremony will take place, arranged in small vases on the tables. Glasses can be used a lot. This will add lightness and airiness to the decor. It is enough to add a few sprigs of greenery of a different type and size and your identity will gain a wow effect and fill the joy of a tropical mood.
Intrigue your guests by sending them tropical wedding invitations featuring an emerald green monstera design. Let yourself be immersed in the warmth of a tropical mood.
Botanist style is ideal for brides who plan to decorate and organize their wedding on their own, which will save money on the services of a florist.
Another secret of how to save money on invitations. Choose from a variety of low-cost and budget designs for $ 5.00 online. The free online editor allows you to instantly and easily edit the invitation text template. All you need is to bring the file and image to a print shop near you. Prefer paper over plastic for your invitations.
A botanical wedding strikes the concept of naturalness, sustainability and naturalness.
What to include with wedding invitations?
1.Traditional Elements
2. Invitation
3. Response Card and Envelope
4. Mailing Envelope
5. Postage
Optional Elements
1. Inner Envelope
2. Reception Card
3. Directions
4. Weekend Events Card
5. Accommodations Card
6.Invitation Wrapper
A complete set of tropical style invitations with emerald monstera leaves
Wedding trend color 2021 green emerald monstera tropical leaves style

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