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Wedding invitations include the following elements:
Who's hosting
The request to come to the wedding
The names of the bride and groom
The date and time
The location
Reception information
Dress code
Separate RSVP card
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10 Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

With great pleasure
Loren Spring
Stephen Rich
invite you to join them
at the celebration of their marriage
Saturday, July 25, 5025
at two thirty in the afternoon
Santa Barbara Hotel - Greenery Room
Santa Barbara, California
Dinner and dancing to follow at Love

Please join us for the wedding of
Chloe Orchid & Denis Black
The 4th of September, 2055
at half past seven in the evening
Spring Garden
Long Island, New York
reception to follow

Jerry & Julia Brian
and Gary & Grace Finn
invite you to celebrate with their children,
Cathryn and William
on their wedding day
Friday | 13 Sep 25 | 01:30 p.m.
Rose garden hotel
Reception 6 p.m.

Lily and Russell White
are getting' hitched!
August 4th 2032
Join us at 3 o'clock
Lovely Place
000 Oceanside Ave
St. Petersburg
Merriment to follow

Sophia and Henry
Dr. and Mrs. Abbott
and Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson
Invite you to celebrate the marriage of their children
Sophia Abbott and Henry Luke Atkinson
Saturday, the fifth of November, two thousand and twenty
Six o'clock in the evening | The Inn at Sunshine | Palermo, Italy
followed by dinner & dancing

Elizabeth & Daniel
are getting married
October 15th 2090
Four o'clock in the evening
at the
Orchid Park Hotel
Rome, Italy
Drinks Dancing Shenanigans to follow


Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Armstrong
Request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding of their daughter
Michael Armstrong
Mark Barnett
Saturday, the twenty-fourth of September
Two thousand and twenty five
at half after five o'clock
Tropical Gardens
Bali, Indonesia
Reception to follow

Together with their families
May Clark
Taylor Bennett
Request the honor of your presence as they
Tie the knot
Friday April Twelfth, Two Thousand Fifteen
At two o'clock in the afternoon
Strawberry Garden
Greenery Park
New York, New York

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baker
Request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Emily Daugherty
Michael Finley
Saturday, December 15, 2047
at five o'clock in the evening
Fiesta Club
New York City
Dinner and dancing to follow


The wedding of
Aubrey Harding
and Ethan Ferrell
St. Maria Roman Catholic Church
Strasbourg, France
November 21, 2080


  vector.sale  - 5 months ago

A rich, dreamy, dark and beautiful shade of azure will become a favorite of color in 2020.If you like the elegant and romantic look of weddings, you can start considering Classic Blue as part of your color scheme.Include shades of blue in many different wedding elements.Marriages are also built on a reliable and stable basis, and we do not know if there can be a more perfect color for the embodiment of the wedding ceremony.
Blue will find reflection everywhere in the depths of the sapphire stone of a gold wedding ring, in stylish dresses of bridesmaids, in clear blue glass glasses and serving a festive table, and in the sweet blue tint of Makarons favorite sweets served for dessert.

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